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Our Tea Manufacturing Process

  • Orthodox Tea Manufacture                                                                                                   ****Click on Each Topic Below for The Detail ****

    Orthodox teas are the teas manufactured using the traditional method of gradually rolling leaf into smaller particles. Originally this was done laboriously by hand, but now this process has largely been mechanized. The majority of our teas are manufactured using this method.

  • 01. Harvesting / Plucking

    Process of tea manufacture starts with tea plucking. Tea leaf plucking process is carried out by Sri Lankan Women employees for centuries. The correct maturity for the manufacture of high quality made tea, comprises of an unfurled bud with two or three soft leaves. Once the tea leaves are collected they are transported to the factory with care.

  • 02. Withering

    Transported tea is shifted in to troughs after weighing for withering. Fresh green leaf will lose moisture slowly and some physical and chemical changes are taken place in leaf which result expected taste and aroma of made tea. Withering process will take for about 12 – 18 hours.

  • 03. Rolling

    After the process of withering rolling is done for the green leaf which is a fully mechanized process. Leafs are rolled in rolling machines giving desired pressure and duration. Leaf is ruptured and release enzymes in rolling process and let aeration.

  • 04. Fermentation

    Aeration also known as fermentation or oxidation is a critical process in tea manufacture directly affect on the taste. The rolled leaf called dhools lay on tables for a duration of 20 minutes to 5 hours depending on some factors such as humidity, temperature etc and the variety of tea to be manufactured.

  • 05. Drying

    When the optimum aeration is taken place the leaf (dhools) are transferred for drying through a firing chamber at inlet air temperature of 88 – 91 c and exhaust air temperature of 52 – 57 C to prevent further chemical reactions, to remove the moisture and to get the darkness of the leaf. The output from the drier is known as black tea.

  • 06. Grading

    Black teas coming out of the drier are containing different sizes of particles. These particles are graded by leaf size using different mechanical sifters.

  • 07. Colour Sorting

    High-tech colour sorting machines are used to pick the unwanted brown stalks. Also it helps to produce uniform leaf for each tea grade.

  • 08. Packaging

    After sifting and colour sorting black tea is ready for packing. Food grade aluminum lined paper sacks are used for bulk packing. Black teas are packed in 20 kg to 60 kg in paper sacks depending on the tea grade.

  • 09. Transport

    The tea received at the gardens are transported to where houses and auction centers.

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